We Must Stop The Ice Bucket Challenges And Things Don 't Go From An Embarrassment

We Must Stop The Ice Bucket Challenges And Things Don 't Go From An Embarrassment

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There comes a point where you need someone to save you from looking dumb, and some friends might just be there to save you from an embarrassment. If face work implemented in some cases then there are chances of getting making yourself famous for a while but not for a good cause. Ever seen those hilarious videos on your face book newsfeed of people doing the ice bucket challenges and things don’t go as they planned then all of a sudden your hear laughter in the background and then the video cuts. Well those people needed some type of face work to save them from those embarrassing moments.
I remember a time on a drill weekend being around a group of friends in the Army. We had just finished eating; well those of us that ate because food looked disgusting and was named cat food. We loaded the buses and headed back to our barracks. As we were waiting for further instructions and we gathered in a circle to kill time and heard some stories of Specialist Horton who is a cop in the civilian side. Well it was getting dark and a friend of mine pulled me out of the circle of 8 people. Little ...

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