Essay on We Must Stop Global Warming

Essay on We Must Stop Global Warming

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Why Humanity Needs to Make a Serious Effort to Stop Global Warming
Climate change is a proven reality that threatens our planet. It is caused by an increase of the greenhouse effect, a process that keeps our earth warm by having greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat and re-emit it. While the greenhouse effect is important for life to exist, it can also be harmful to life if the concentration of these greenhouse gases increases too quickly. Humans are causing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to increase substantially. Some skeptics argue that no measures should be taken to stop global warming because there will be no serious consequences. However, world leaders must make efforts to stop continued anthropogenic global warming because it will irreversibly damage and disrupt nature; it will be harmful to humans, and it will actually be more economical to stop global warming now then trying to stop it in the future.
First, the natural consequences that will occur because of further global warming will be terrible and irreversible. Global warming, in causing the earth to heat up too quickly, changes ecosystems more rapidly than evolution allows for most species to adapt to new threats. This endangers many species and will soon cause mass extinction of many defenseless species. Notable examples of species being threatened are the polar bear and the seal due to the rapid melting of arctic ice. In fact, scientists predict that if the temperature increases by 1.6 degrees Celsius, thirty-five percent of all species will become extinct. In addition, dryer conditions caused by global warming will result in more forest fires, which threaten the survival of even more species. An increase in carbon dioxide in the oc...

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...ighting global warming, it is clear that indifferent inaction is not an option. A serious effort to implement solutions must be made if we are to avoid the disastrous consequences of anthropogenic global warming. The consequences of not fighting anthropogenic global warming are too great for us not to try to prevent them. Concerned individuals should contact their local politicians and urge them to support legislation that will stops global warming. In Al Gore’s Book, “An Inconvenient Truth “, he explains that the two Chinese characters for the word “crisis” consists of the first character depicting “danger” and the subsequent character depicting “opportunity”. Although global warming is indeed becoming dangerous, we can use this crisis as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to develop the right technologies and programs to effectively address climate change.

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