We Must Stay Inside Our Comfort Zone Essay

We Must Stay Inside Our Comfort Zone Essay

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Many individuals fear death because as humans we are scared of the unknown. We would rather stay inside our comfort zone and be around what we are used to and were raised with. In the process of growing up we are forced to experience change and live through different stages. Starting my college “stage” at UCR has been the most drastic change in my life. It is amazing how in less than ten weeks my persona and knowledge have developed drastically.
I went to high school in Bloomington, Southern California, anyone who has spent time around that area knows that it is vastly a latino based population. About eighty five percent of my school 's students come from a hispanic based family. I loved it, it made everyone bond and understand each other, we all came from a similar background and had same traditions and customs. Diversity is one of the things that stood out to me in college, I was so used to “my people”, I was not capable of imagining the variety of people in the world. The different ethnicities and backgrounds at UCR are one of the things I have fallen in love with. One has no idea who we are interacting with, we can always make assumptions but I have learned that most of the time we are wrong. My mother would always tell me that every head is a world with its own ideas and beliefs and I never really understood this until I discovered the amount of different people, their are on earth.
This quarter I feel I have grown the most socially, and personally rather than academically. Yes the material I have encountered these past few weeks is not close to the previous high school courses I have been through, but I believe I was prepared and ready for academic change. Socially I have always been weak, as a kid at parties it was ext...

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...ee minutes later I decided to turn around and get the information for their meetings. I am so glad I turned around, the program is nothing like what I experienced in high school. I got the opportunity to learn more about myself and others. Not only did I get the opportunity to meet new students but also learned how to interact with people with disabilities and notice that they are just like us,but stronger.
It is amazing how much college has changed me in a couple of weeks. Academically: I used to not believe in climate change and now believe it is one of the most horrible things developed countries are doing. Socially: I have become a lot more confident with myself and better interacting with other people like professors, teacher assistants, and even strangers. Personally: I have started to come out of my comfort zone joining school activities and seeking help.

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