Essay on We Must Prevent Climate Change

Essay on We Must Prevent Climate Change

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Climate change has become a major concern in recent decades. The global warming has caused the raise of sea level and extinction of some species. Reducing greenhouse gas emission has become a primary role of solving this question. Under rapid developing era as nowadays, environment also deteriorates at a worrying speed. Some developed countries realize that environmental protection actions need to be taken to prevent the possible catastrophic climate change on the planet, however, federal government of Canada do not take any action about the climate change. The Climate Change Performance Index Results 2013 shows that “Canada rank 58 which is the worst performer of all western countries”. Consider this is a global affection of climate change, even Canada is not the major contributor to global production of greenhouse gases, and there still be a rational of taking responsibility of protecting the earth. To reduce the carbon emission, there are several policies can be set to reduce the greenhouse gas in the long run. The Canadian federal government should respond by introducing a modest carbon, and setting policies to regulate energy uses and transportation.

Carbon tax
Whether posting a pricing carbon emission has become a controversial debate in Canada since each policy obtain benefits and costs. According to the International Energy Agency, “Canada’s CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in 2009 accounted for approximately 2% of global emissions”. It becomes a convincing argument for people who against imposing the carbon tax policy. On a global scale, Canada is a minor contributor of greenhouse gases emission. People who against the carbon tax have the reason that introducing a carbon tax in Canada may cu...

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