We Must Celebrate Gender And Sexual Diversity Essay example

We Must Celebrate Gender And Sexual Diversity Essay example

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The article, “We must celebrate gender and sexual diversity in our schools”, published by The Conversation in 2016, written by Lucy Nicholas argues that the Safe School’s Coalition is out of touch with the science of sex and gender identity. The Safe School’s Coalition is a nationwide program that promotes a safe learning environment for LGBTI students throughout schools in Australia.

A range of publications have criticized the Safe School’s Program, claiming

Explain what the safe schools program
Why people are against it
Agrees with diversity
Wants safety within the schools


Essentially, Nicholas claims that the Safe Schools Coalition needs to be updated and modernized to suit young LGBTI students. She explains that the only way to effectively tackle homophobic bullying is to go beyond tolerance and actually change the attitude of the wider school population.

Nicholas’ argument uses several persuasive techniques, including elements of ethos, pathos and logos. These elements are executed to strengthen the argument and ultimately persuade the audience. The article is featured on an academic site and includes the opinions of reputable experts such as the Family First Senator and other politicians. This suggests that the intended audience is likely to be students and teachers. Appropriate persuasive techniques must be used to influence an audience with such high academic intelligence.

Ethos, an appeal to ethics and credibility is used extensively throughout the Safe School’s article. Nicholas is a lecturer in Sociology at Swinburne University, which qualifies her to create an informed opinion article on the topic of gender and sexuality. Her credentials are displayed to the r...

... middle of paper ...

...ve to the children being discriminated against for their biological makeup. Nicholas also uses the opinion of Roz Ward to further evoke these emotions. Ward discusses how transgender children refuse to participate in sports but while this may be true in select cases, there is no evidence to suggest that that all sexually diverse students feel too uncomfortable to play sports and therefore can be classified as an overgeneralization. It can be assumed that Nicholas has overgeneralized this opinion to play on the emotions of her audience, compromising the overall academic integrity of the article.

-False Authority – references politicians and an editor. They are not qualified to speak on the behalf of transgender childten.

-Well written
-Needs improvements
-Helps audience make an opinion
-Strengthen ethos and include pathos
-Not persausive

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