We Must be Punished for Our Mistakes Essay

We Must be Punished for Our Mistakes Essay

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People make good and bad actions every day. Does anyone ask himself what the good and bad actions are? There is more than one definition for each one of them. However, it is hard to pick up the right or the best definition for each of them. According to Socrates, “the one is such as to be loved because it is being loved; the other is being loved because it is such as to be loved.” He said that statement when was taking to Euthyphro about the pious and how to define it. As I see, the gods love the good action because they are good and according to Socrates, there is more than one god and each one of them has a different view of the good actions. However, if gods choose the good actions and each of them have a different view of them, which one are we going to believe in?
The best definition for the good action is the actions that a person does or says to make others happy without harming anyone and has some benefits for them or to others. There are many good actions and some of them can’t be noticed because we do them every day like saying hello or greeting someone. In addition, there are many bad actions such as killing, lying and stealing. When someone makes a mistake or does a bad action, he/she should be punished for that. The goal of punishment is to let the person who made the mistake feel guilt for the crime they committed. Performing the punishment is not easy to thing to do so there are specific people to do that. However, anyone can choose how to punish, in the case of kids, it is better to ask the people who have experience to do that. When the child makes a mistake they should not be taken to the police office or to the court to punish them because they are still kids and do not have enough knowledge and m...

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...a normal person who is not totally sure that he is doing the right things but he wants to get his right in being free in his thoughts.
Overall, punishments are necessary everywhere. All people should be punished if they made a mistake. The law should be fair if it’s from a religion or if it comes from a person. Everyone should have the right to mention his opinion about anything without being scared from anyone. No one should be punished if there is evidence showing that he is innocent from a crime he did commit. There are Official bodies competent to punish the person who makes a mistake. There is no law without mistakes so the judge should have the ability to choose the appropriate punishment in any new situation. The justice system should be able to provide proper justice without being persuaded by emotion or distraction from the logical truth.

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