We Must Be A World With Equality For All Kinds, Men And Women Essay

We Must Be A World With Equality For All Kinds, Men And Women Essay

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I believe a just world should be a world filled with equality for all kinds, men and women, all ethnicities, and all social classes. No matter what your income is or who you are; all should be entitled to healthcare and the necessities for life and also supporting a family. You should be treated fairly by your government and have laws to protect your rights from being violated by others, and a system of government that respects all of God 's gifts. In a just world homelessness should not be an issue because others should provide housing for those who have none until they can on their own. Immigration should be set up with a clear and thorough procedure to let immigrants in for work or just to make a new home for better opportunities. Ample welfare and health care should be available to citizens who have just lost their job and have yet to find one or those who are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability, especially our veterans.
In a just world all citizens should be able to participate in an affordable health care system. This way in a time of emergency, car accident etc, the family is able to afford the hospital bills and not have a heavy burden of a large debt over their heads. Medicine must be available for children, the sick, and the elderly in order to make sure everyone is as healthy as they can be. In some countries citizens are not able to afford or even get life saving medicines such AIDS medication. Everyone 's life matters and is entitled to the same healthcare as everyone else can receive, no matter if they are rich or poor.
Today the homeless are treated as second class citizens who are viewed as lazy, drug addicts, criminals and thieves. They are given some help, but in most places it is a type of ...

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...number of undocumented immigrants in the US. The issue with illegal immigrants is that we have no way of knowing what they are coming here for, bringing or taking with them, and it is not fair to those who decide to go through the legal way. The legal way can take a great deal of time and a lot of work, and many times they are not even accepted.
What prevents us from achieving the goal of a just world? I believe it is greed and selfishness. So many people are only concerned about themselves and their problems. They see no point in trying to help others because they believe their current situation is more important. They are more concerned with making more money to spend on themselves and on their family. We as a country, and also a world must come together to combat these social issues and with a little time, money, and effort they could all be sorted out and solved.

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