We Must Be A Victim Of A Hate Crime Essay

We Must Be A Victim Of A Hate Crime Essay

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Anyone could be a victim of a hate crime. People can be victims of hate crime for a characteristic such as gender. A victim of a hate crime may possess a certain characteristic that the perpetrator views in a negative way, which in turn causes them to commit the criminal act against the victim. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) people are more likely to be victimized for their race (Latest Hate Crime Statistics, para 9). No one can change the color of their skin, which is why it is unfair that these people are victims. There are many more characteristics than just someone’s race that could make him or her a target for hate crime. The definition for hate crime is extremely broad, which in turn makes the amount of victims that can be targets for hate crime broad as well. The FBI also reported in their data that the next most common were people victimized for their sexual orientation (Latest Hate Crime Statistics, para 9). People that choose a sexual partner of their same gender may be viewed negatively.
Victims are most likely to be chosen based on their race. It is completely up to the offender to choose whether or not they accept someone’s race and if they want to act upon their hate. It is difficult to identify which race is more likely to be victim of a hate crime. Spieldenner and Glenn discuss an occurrence where an African American homosexual man and a White gay man were both attacked resulting in the African American man to lose his life and the White man “knocked unconscious” (2014, para 1). The man who attacked the African American man was also African American, and the men who attacked the White man were African American Muslim immigrants, the court decided that the White man had be victim of a hat...

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...e, para 3). The offenders enjoy the thrill and rush of committing a hate crime against someone, and that is what motivates them to do it. Committing hate crimes out of defense was the next most common characteristic found for the offenders (National Institute of Justice, para 3).These offenders are attempting protect themselves or their surroundings from someone they believe is different. Retaliation at 8% was the next characteristic found, which means that the offender reacted to a hate crime whether it happened or did not happen (National Institute of Justice, para 3). The last characteristic found was the offenders who make hate crime their mission, and was found to only be 1% of the offenders studied (National Institute of Justice, para 3). These offenders make it their life goal to commit hate crime and fight against what they perceive as wrong.

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