We Ever Feel Like There Is A Wall Closing Essay

We Ever Feel Like There Is A Wall Closing Essay

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Do you ever feel like there is a wall closing in on you? No echoes, no voices, and no way out? I have felt that way since sixth grade up until my freshman year at North High. Bullying and harassments are ego boosters, nothing more, and nothing less. However, victims forget they can go talk to a family member, counselor, teacher or a friend by letting them handle the situation. I was lucky enough to finally speak up upon my own experience with bullying and harassment.
I still remember my first day of sixth grade as clear as a shiny icicle on a cold, windy and bitter winter day. I attended Wood Intermediate which was just the right sized school for me to feel comfortable at. The hallways were small, tight, and never failed to be overcrowded. Students would end up pushing, shoving, and stepping on each other’s shoes without apologizing. I could already tell on my first day this school was going to be bad news. My gut feeling became true in a split second, when in reality I was hoping for it to be false. My harassment and bullying started from the moment I walked into my first class until I stepped out of my last one at the end of the day. In my Computer and Industrial Tech class I had my first experience with bullying. Before, the school year started I showed little to no interest I would enjoy this class at all and nothing was going to change my opinion. The classroom contained two computers on every table for group work and for when Mr. Bunch assigned lab days. There were circular mirrors on the corner walls which I found to be strange. Even by looking up at the mirrors occasionally to see where his eyes were directed, I could sense his deep blue eyes staring down at me watching my every move. He was able to have the opportunity...

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...gift from heaven.” Those exact words are a constant reminder to stay motivated no matter what hurdles I stumble across.
I want people to rise above bullying, wipe off your hands, shake it off and then stand. One of my favorite quotes I find an inspiration is this, “it’s going to get harder before it gets easier. But it will get better. You just got to make it through the hard stuff first.” Sometimes we tend to forgot how challenging life can be, however certain challenges have to be done on purpose. I look at this quote daily on my phone, to help me push and tackle through good and bad days. Deep down I know for a fact, any human being can be successful bullied or not. Believe in yourself, regardless of the situation and try to think positive. Life is full of unexpected outcomes but the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

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