We Don 't Sleep Around Like White Girls Do Essay

We Don 't Sleep Around Like White Girls Do Essay

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Title: We Don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do
Author: Yen Le Espiritu
Themes: 1 & 3
People of Filipino decent have a rich culture that emphasizes tradition and family; as well as allows for a political and sociocultural movement for Filipino immigrants in their new countries. Theme one focuses on the concept of culture and how Filipinos present themselves as a race. Although they reside in the United States, it was rare for most informants to identify themselves as Americans. Rather, they viewed their culture as being morally correct and righteous and American culture as deviant or aberrant. Explicitly, the issue with Filipinos in terms of American culture was their concept of family and the U.S. families’ lac k thereof. They argue that in their culture family is a dominant aspect that preaches assistance and care for one another. Additionally, they disagree with the ideology that American families have in terms they raise their children. Filipinos take care of their children and continue to offer them resources and shelter regardless of their age. Conversely, they believe that American parents lack in care for their children and ultimately get the same from them in return. Filipino culture also emphasizes gender roles and restrictions, particularly female gender. Females are expected to take on the role of the house wife and, in their childhood and adolescence years, are forbidden from privileges that their brothers are given.
Culture for Filipinos then is considered to be looked at as a driving force for their sense of otherness in a white culture dominant country. Theme three focuses on the Filipinos use of culture as a resistance or domination. In this context, Filipino culture and tradition is used as a method of mainta...

... middle of paper ...

... individual’s life is affected by externally imposed labelling. In Japan’s case of misrepresentation of blacks, it can be seen from the perspective of Japan degrading blacks. Therefore, this in return affects their relation with others as well as their social class. They are seen as a race of lower ranking in Japanese society. Additionally, the material on totemism (Robbins, 203: 133) and the material on stratification based on biological makeup (Robbins, 2013: 274) are also relevant to Japanese mistreatment of blacks. Totemism is defined by Durkheim as something that is used as a symbol to represent a group. The Dakko-chan doll, in this case, is a symbol that represents Japanese misrepresentation of black people. Stratification based on race and ethnicity is blatantly used in Japan as a method to distinguish between different levels of social class in their society.

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