We Do Abortions Here : A Nurse 's Tale Essay

We Do Abortions Here : A Nurse 's Tale Essay

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“We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Tale”—the title itself is daunting and depending on which side of the abortion debate a person stands on, evokes different kinds of emotions. For the pro-life side, the title may make them feel sick, or angry. And for those who identify as pro-choice, it may invoke feelings of curiosity about what the story is about. But no matter which side of the debate a person stands on, the tale, like its title, is daunting, thought provoking, and even mid changing.
While it was written in 1987, the story is still relevant some twenty years later. The conflict of abortion has always been prevalent in politics and religion, but it has caught the spotlight in recent years due to several states wanting to ban or put heavy restrictions on what stage of pregnancy a fetus can be aborted at. And it seems that in today’s society, you have to be on one side of the debate or the other.
Sallie Tisdale, an author of eight books and a longtime member of PEN, wrote a story recollecting her times as nurse who works in a clinic that strictly does abortions. It is written in a style that makes you feel as if you are Tisdale going about her day to day duties while forever trapped in the moral battle of feeling like an executioner. But the point of the story isn’t to take one side or another in the unresolvable debate, it is to try and get the reader to take a step back and re-evaluate the necessity of abortions. There are times when an abortion is necessary to save the life of a mother who can’t bring a child into the world, or save the life of a child who otherwise would have grown up with horrible disabilities, been born drug addicted, or born into poverty.
The story begins with Tisdale at a point in her day when she can’t...

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...ing a healthy baby so they guilt them into trying to keep it. Women have to jump through hoops just to have a say in what they want to do with their own bodies.
We Do Abortion’s Here—A Nurse’s Tale, as daunting of a title as it is, could almost become worse and yet more true if changed to We Need Abortion’s Here. Because the fact of the matter is, we do! The society of today’s world is not one of an animalistic--reproduce to survive--way of life. People today are not concerned with instinctual desire to have children. Some have gotten themselves into a place where having the baby would be more detrimental than not. Abortions are necessary for those who cannot bear the responsibility that is a child. By keeping abortions legal and lifting many of the unrealistic and unruly laws surrounding them, will make for a less patriarchal society and more of an egalitarian one.

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