We Create A Monster Through Our Nurturing For Global Wielding Of The Internet

We Create A Monster Through Our Nurturing For Global Wielding Of The Internet

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Did we create a monster through our nurturing for global wielding of the internet? The satire piece “Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text” by The Onion, a research centralized article “On Paper, Reading Skills Look Worse” by Michael S. Rosenwald, and a composition of synthesised personal testimonials and research entitled “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction” by Matt Richtel make evident negative reading habits formed through internet operation. The Onion writes fictional news articles, emulating a news website. The articles, while comical, exaggerate trends of the modern world through the utilization of hyperboles. Despite writing to be humorous, The Onion depicts exacerbated, pertinent issues in our world. Their article “Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text” highlights the negative reading habits developed since the rise of internet through the metaphor of a nation grappling with a mystery composition comprised of only plain text. Altogether, the authors and I agree that as a result of the internet, reading has evolved into skimming the page, readers require distractions, and the amount of reading text-only compositions decreased dramatically.
Examining further into internet usage effects, skimming appears as the modern reading method due to online reading. I personally can attest for the validity of this as I loosely read class materials and articles as a result of a growing familiarity with texts that highlight the necessary information, leading to as the article tells readers through calculated emphasis what to think. A large variety of people, including me, also relate to the struggle of fully reading a classic novel after hours spent reading abridged summaries online, resulting to ski...

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...el references Vishal, a student unable to tear himself away from the draw of the internet, electing it over his summer reading homework. The authors and I all agree upon that internet usage, due to its mental allure, degrades the amount of traditional reading to nearly zero among frequent internet users.
Holistically, The Onion, Rosenwald, Ritchel, and I all come together with the consensus of due to the internet, those who read devolved to skimming the page, forced their brains to require distractions while reading, and constrained themselves to miniature blurbs, no longer reading novels or classic print. I relate to all three issues and The Onion’s satirical piece touches on each topic by describing a nation petrified by a block of plain text while Rosenwald and Ritchel add their opinions into our conversation with personal testimonials from others also afflicted.

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