We Cannot Force Evolution on a Culture Essay

We Cannot Force Evolution on a Culture Essay

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• What else can the government do to change to way legacies of historical globalization played out?
• What does respond to globalization mean?
• What is today’s society supposed to do to help the people influenced in the past?
• I strongly agree with this statement because, I don’t think there is nothing more people can do to make things better from the past. We can not go back in time and change what happened to the people that were killed, abused, slaved, or hurt in any way mentally or physically. We should stop getting mad at the government “for not taking action” because there is nothing more they can do but apologize a million times for the events that happened. I stand strongly with this position because we cannot change the world, we cannot force evolution on a culture or change of humanity.
• Examples:
• What people can do is act upon what our ancestors have done to make conflict, and stop the killing, the genocides, the slavery, and the abuse of others. An example of this is African slavery; before 1400 slavery existed in Europe leading as a way to repay unpaid debt. Then plantation leaders started capturing Indigenous people and Africans because of their racial origins. This people were then called pieces of private property for the plantations. The owners of the slaves were the true villains, buying and selling of these people that’s were being torture to work with no pay and unbelievable condition. After years and years of these innocent people dying and being tortured, the government stepped in. The United Nations adopted The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. Article 4 states: 'No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited ...

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...ter Stephen Harper apologizes on the behavior of Canadians. The government took action and put a stop to the residential schools. Today’s contemporary society responded to the behavior of the Canadian and acted upon the conflict, which occurred in the past. What else can the government do to change to way legacies of historical globalization played out in this remark? What else do you want the government to do? They cannot change what happened in the past they can only act upon it and that’s what they did.

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