Essay on We Blessed With Four Kids

Essay on We Blessed With Four Kids

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I am by name Ruben Majok Aleer Aguer husband to Achol Kuir Deng. We blessed with four kids namely Aguer 5 yrs, Aluel 3 yrs, Apajok 2 yrs and Aleer 4 months. I have been married for almost 6 years.
The reason we are here today is very surprised for the fact that we had no single argument since we married due to the respect we share from each other. I have never raised my voice on my wife and quarrelling to each other. My wife was being influencing by someone I help on the street call Deng Chiluel Atem. He was the one push her to resort on the orders and never understand the big damaged they did to me and my children.
It was on June 01/06/2016 I and my wife received a call back home from my elder brother Aguer Aleer that you Ruben and Achol should take responsibility to our late brother John Garang Aleer’s family which passes away in January this year in Canberra due to Liver cancer. My wife got frustrated from this call and agreed with Deng to get rid of me from the house. Demanding not help my late brother’s family on whatever need. My wife calls the Police on other day around 1:...

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