Essay on We Are At An Impasse

Essay on We Are At An Impasse

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After quite a bit of deliberation with my wife as well as research and information on the Internet I have come to the conclusion that we are at an impasse. At this point, I am requesting to be put in contact with someone in charge of either/or/and tech support department or general operations. Basically, whoever can make decisions.

Attached you will find an email I received from technical support dated Thursday, February 18, 2016, from Joseph Kovach. My initial contact was due to the device not report the vehicle’s location. As you will see, the issue was addressed. Along with his reply information was included regarding updates to devices that would be occurring in the future. It also states that customers would be notified and would either have a choice of outdated and their devices at a discounted rate or continue to use their existence devise at a discounted rate until 2020 on the “diminishing 2G network”.

Until I received an email notification reminded me that my annual subscription fee was due, I had not received any email whatsoever from your company after that reply from Joseph.

There are two issues that I face that as a customer I find unacceptable. First of all is the fact that your company decided without previous notice to deactivate the device in our vehicle. To add insult to injury, we receive a reminder to renew our membership which I have mentioned in a previous e-mail is impossible to do since your company has without warning deactivated our device without those required by law notification. On this point, I don’t see how your company can find any justification for its actions. By law, any changes to service requires at least a 30-day notice prior to being implemented. Something that Nimbo blatantly disregarded...

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...that I list (at least options 1 and 2) coincide with the “important notice” that was included in the response I received from tech support February.

If Nimbo cannot at least honor the process that appears to have been a required inclusion on replies from tech support at (least in February), then we will have no other choice but to immediately purchase a system from another company. If we are forced to take that action rest assured that I will use all of my contacts throughout the country as an advocate for the disabled to make sure everyone is made fully aware of your company’s practices and complete disregard for its customers.

I look forward to a receive in response from someone in a position of authority from Nimbo. It is my hope that this issue can be addressed in a reasonable and fair manner. After all, I don’t feel that my expectations are unrealistic at all.

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