Ways to Fall in Love Essay

Ways to Fall in Love Essay

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Many people believe in love at first sight, and some in falling in love over time. But why can’t a love story have both? They can; Hades and Persephone’s story clarifies this. However only the true romance tale does, not the one adjusted from gossip and whispers. If you happen to be one of the non-believers, I will explain their true story.

It all began one day when Persephone was river walking and collecting the rocks that shone the brightest through the water. As she glided through the stream thoughts twisted and twirled around in her head like the waves against her knees. These feelings consisted of her loneliness, lack of relationships, and utter hatred of stubbing her toes on large stones that were near the bottom of the brook. As her mind drifted into the dark caverns of her heart, she tripped on a boulder that even a blind man would have seen and fell into the icy waters.
“Ow! Damn it!” she cursed to herself as all of her pebbles washed down stream.
Grabbing a near by willow branch she pulled herself up from the water. Of which was now mixed with the blood from her scraped leggs. Persephone trudged over to the land and sat on the grass with her knees still down in the creek. As tears ran down her cheek, she tried to cleanse her wounds.
“Ugh, not again!” she exclaimed to the wind, “come on Persephone, stop living in your daydreams. You stupid, no-good, fo-”
“Oh my! Dear, what happened to you?” a voice in the trees said. It was Demeter, Persephone’s mother, “did you fall again?”
“It’s nothing Mother, just- just a scratch, that’s all.”
“It is more than just a scratch! You torn up your entire shin this time! I can’t leave you alone for one minute can I?”
Demeter walked over and kneeled beside her daughter rea...

... middle of paper ...

...tayed outside her door, talking to her without replies.
“I must say I do find this conversation very one-sided.” Hades said.
“. . .”
“So, what is your favourite food? You have been in there five days, you must be hungry.”
“. . .”
“So far the dead are more lively than you, I should know. . .”
He heard a faint laugh from within her room.
“Please, come out. Talk to me. I love you very much and I hope that you could love me too.”
Confusion and rage filled Persephone. “How could you possibly love me? You hadn’t seen me until five days ago!” her scream echoed throughout the stone corridors.
Persephone began to cry into her pillow. She had no idea why she was sad or angry. In fact, there was no reason to be miserable. She had found what she had been missing, someone to love her.
“Hades isn’t really that bad,” she thought to herself, “and I would be a queen.”

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