Ways That Can Work More Efficiently Essay

Ways That Can Work More Efficiently Essay

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Ways That Nurses Could Work More Efficiently
1. Problem 1: One issue that arises is with staffing. The usual registered nurse (RN) to patient ratio was recently changed from 1:4 with one unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) per each RN to a 1:5 with one UAP per two (2) nurses. There is a fixed charge nurse on each shift, with only one willing to take a patient load when the unit is short staffed.
• Intervention: All charge nurses should be willing to step in when staffing is limited. Quality patient care is of utmost importance. As a charge nurse, when your employees are struggling, you are struggling with them. Staff must be involved in defining and developing a plan of action to implement routines that will help with time management and cost efficiency.
• Evidence Based – Fortier (2012) reviewed data from a project conducted at three different medical facilities in Manitoba. The project was created to increase nurses ' decision-making in their workplace and improve patient care. When you have a lot of conflicting priorities, it is not easy to decide which improvements to make and to know which ones will have the most impact. Once the nursing staff was provided with did a diagram to measure exactly how much time and effort they were wasting on this one small thing, it was a very easy decision to provide them with what they needed.
2. Problem 2: Shift change report is done in the staff lounge by the oncoming RNs listening to a recorded tape from the previous shift RNs.
• Intervention: Report should be done in person and not recorded on a tape. Nurses must be able to ask questions and clarify information during shift change so that no important information is missed.
• Evidence Based – Research by Mosher & Bontomasi (2015) su...

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...fication warning thinking it some sort of technological glitch, even when they cannot read the patient ID band. Other nurses are making copies of the bar codes to attach to their clip boards when passing medications rather than scanning the patient band.
• Intervention: Skipping steps in patient safety measures is unacceptable and any employee that participates in such actions should have repercussions.
• Evidence Based: Dhatt, Damir, Matarelli, Sankaranarayanan, & James (2011) conducted a study on correct patient identification. Correct patient identification is the cornerstone of patient safety in any healthcare setting. Misidentification of patients can occur in any location where healthcare is provided. The consequences of patient misidentification can result in inappropriate management including investigations, diagnosis and treatment, and fatal consequences.

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