Essay about The Ways Of Love Is Expressed

Essay about The Ways Of Love Is Expressed

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Everyone is unique not only in how they look and feel but also in how they show love. This essay will examine the different ways love is expressed. To build a healthy, devoted relationship and to grow and maintain that relationship these techniques must all be understood. Thus, a person must be ready to recognize and receive love not just give it. These ways of conveying love can be broken down into five styles, and each will relate primarily to one of these styles. By understanding each of the styles and identifying them in various circumstances, a healthy relationship can be grown and maintained.  
The Ways of Expressing Love
An essential skill in any committed relationship is the ability to give and receive love. The methods that love is given and received can be broken down into Five Love Languages (Chapman, 2014). Everyone identifies primarily with one of these five: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch (Chapman, 2014). By exploring and considering these languages, it becomes evident that “People speak different love languages” (Chapman, 14). Therefore, to grow in a relationship, these differences must be realized. “We must learn the language of those with whom we wish to communicate” (Chapman, 14). Recognition is as needed with love languages as it is in the words we speak. Just like trying to talk with someone that only speaks Chinese, if we don’t understand their language, we cannot understand them. Hand gesture or eye movements can be used but only to limited effect. Thus, we can communicate, but it is awkward (Chapman, 14). Similarly, in love language, we must communicate in the other person’s language to convey our feelings. A real loving relationship involves passion...

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... a significant expression to her. But at the same time, if her response to a small gift from him is leaving it in the box on the kitchen counter, it signifies that receiving gifts may not be her primary language. It may take some effort, especially in a newer relationship, but with some simple gestures and observations, a secondary language can be developed.
By understanding these ways love is expressed, sharing that mutual adoration between two people will be easier. Accordingly, an increased connection between two partners will be felt. When communicated in a way that the partner understands, that affection strengthens the bonds between them. In contrast, if the expression is in a different language, it may be lost. In conclusion, these love languages, if studied and understood, can be used to grow loving relationships. If ignored, those relationships can fail.

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