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The film, “The Way, Way Back”, is a coming of age film that exhibits a summer where adult responsibilities are diminished and children are left to take care of themselves. The film is very relatable to many families today who have had to deal with divorce, parents dating, step-parents and siblings. The film focuses on a boy named Duncan and his difficultly as he overcomes his parents’ divorce and his mothers her boyfriend, Trent. Duncan is an introverted adolescent who discontentedly joins his mother to temporarily live with her long-time boyfriend and daughter for the summer; ultimately to determine if blending their families long term would be a wise choice. In this essay, I will analyze the film through a sociological lens by specifically discussing how divorce, remarriage and step-families can negatively affect the children involved.

Divorce is now a common experience in many house holds across Canada. For instance, in 2008 there were 147,848 marriages and a staggering 70,266 divorces (Statistics Canada, 2013). Thus, this illustrates that almost half of all marriages end in divorce. There are many reasons that a couple may choose to divorce including but not limited to economic issues, unrealistic expectations, and the weakening societal view of marriage. The implantation of the no-fault divorce grounds in 1968 have resulted in an easily attainable divorce (Riedman et al, 2003). In the film, many characters have been affected by divorce. First, we observe Duncan’s mother, Pam and Trent who have both been divorced in the past. Next, friends of Trent, a couple that also vacations during the summer are evidently heading for divorce as their marriage is filled with infidelity and mistrust.

For children, living in an i...

... middle of paper ... temporality neglected by his mother, all while dealing with having to worry about Trent becoming his new step-father. Overall, step-families can be detrimental to the family structure if someone, especially the parent’s child is being mistreated.

To sum up the points in the essay, divorce is commonly occurring situation in todays life experience, yet remarriage is also common, more so for men. It is evident that divorce, remarriage and step-families are difficult for all parties involved. Thus, by observing the film, “The Way, Way Back” through a sociological lens it was found that there are many issues are with the way separated families function. Although this was a film, it does happen in society as a regular occurrence. The effects of divorce and remarriage run long-term within children, especially if the divorce and remarriage occurs as an adolescence.

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