The Way Social Support Functions For Bully Victims Essay

The Way Social Support Functions For Bully Victims Essay

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When examining the way social support functions for bully victims, context is prevalent. Matusnaga (2011) examines what kinds of social support behaviors help bully victims. Since being a victim of bullying is such a specific situation and context, social support needs to be granted carefully for it to be helpful to the victims. Due to the specific parameters that the interpersonal interaction is being examined, contextual theme encompasses this literature.
Social Cognition
In Keeley’s (2004) article, on end of life conversations, final conversations were categorized as, all interactions (verbal and nonverbal) that a participant had with a loved one that was dying, between the point of terminal diagnosis and the moment of death; and both individuals had to be aware that one way dying. One overarching theme throughout this article was love. Some individuals did not express love or forgiveness until they were in these situations. This reflects the social cognitions focus on thoughts and overt behaviors. Individuals may have felt love before this situation, but they did not act on it behavioral until this unfortunate circumstance. This is also a very specific self, other, and situation context. The participants are thinking about themselves and how they feel, but they are also thinking about the other person, while also thinking about, this particular situation, which is causing the behavior to take place. Along with these overarching social cognition factors, this article was also about the nature of the human interaction itself, and that is a large component of social cognition.
In Ray and Floyd’s (2006) article on nonverbal expression and liking and disliking, a social cognition theme appears throughout the text. The exp...

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...n their adaptiveness. For example, the L/A facet is composed of characteristics that are viewed as being beneficial, like extraversion, warmth, social boldness, dominance, lower neuroticism, and less negative self-focus, while the E/E component, is composed of personality aspects ranging from, neuroticism, and anxiety, to suspiciousness (Emmons, 1984). These differences, which can be observed in narcissists, exemplify how an individual differences lens can be applied when viewing research on narcissists.
Another article, which can be viewed in terms of individual differences, is Antheunis, Valkenburg, and Peter’s (2007) article on computer mediated communication and interpersonal attraction. In Antheunis et al.’s (2007), the researchers found self-disclosure and direct questioning to enhance interpersonal attraction. Results also indicated that individuals disclose

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