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The Way Of Ones Fate Essay

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The Way to Ones Fate
Heraclitus once said “A mans character is his fate.” In the Sophocles tragedy, Oedipus Rex, depicts how heedless Oedipus is to his fate. In time, Oedipus went to posses certain traits that eventually led hi, to his fate; marrying his mother, killing his father. Oedipus’ pride, impetuous behavior, and lack of insight ultimately determine his fate.
Consequently, one of the main aspects why Oedipus leads himself upon his fate was his immoderate amount of pride. Especially when he solved the riddle of the sphinx. As a result of this, Oedipus’ hubris expands and he now believes that he is capable of solving anything. During his time in Thebes Oedipus was determined to avenge the death of the previous king and find the murderer. In this haste Oedipus proclaims, “I curse myself as well… if by any chance he proves to be an intimate of our house” (lines 284-285). Certainly this shows how ironic Oedipus is. By stating these lines, while putting a curse on the murderers name, it is ironic since he perpetrator of the crime. Oedipus unknowingly curses himself, carrying that curse throughout the story with him. In addition Oedipus is blind to the fact that the prophecy is slowly fulfilling itself. His hubris allows him to not understand how the situations around him connect back to what the prophecy stated. While Oedipus continues to compare himself to be one of the gods because he thought he beat his fate, frustrates them. Although he thinks this, everything that he does fulfills a new part of the prophecy, based on his actions and personality. Oedipus states, “I count myself the son of chance, the great goddess, give of all good things-I’ll never see myself disgraced” (Lines 1188-1190). Granted, Oedipus speaks this un...

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...g the men at the crossroads, solving the riddle of the sphinx, becoming king of Thebes, to marrying Jocasta it all leads Oedipus to determining the outcome of his fate. The fate of someone’s future is created by themselves, and what they choose to do in any given situation. The future of someone is not pre-determined by a god or an external power. It is the choices that control someone’s fate and everyone can make their own decision where they may be in life. In this case even though Oedipus was told about his fate, he had the opportunity to change the outcome of what the prophecy foretold. Instead the way that he acted caused a negative ripple through out his journey, which eventually leads him to his tragic fate. Altogether Oedipus’ own decisions ended up making the prophecy come true. Ultimately in the end your destiny is formed at the moment of your decisions.

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