The Way Love And Sex Plays Apart Through The Medieval Time And Modern Day Caught My Attention

The Way Love And Sex Plays Apart Through The Medieval Time And Modern Day Caught My Attention

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Back in the Medieval time period, there were so many rules to love; there were rules for how you dressed, the way you talked to one another, and you even had to say things a certain way. Upon researching different topics to discuss, the way love and sex plays apart in the Medieval time and modern day caught my attention. I will be discussing what love was and the influences on how it was performed in the medieval time and how sex plays a part part in it and then compare and contrast it to love and sex in this century. Love can be interpreted in many ways by many different people. Today 's love is much more easy and straightforward than how it was in medieval time; in that time, there were certain rules to love, but today love is basically a word so it doesn 't mean anything. The reason I chose this topic is because I wanted to compare love from both the time periods and to see how they were different. This is important to me because love can be a difficult thing, but at the same time it can be very simple; it depends on the person and how they react to it.
In Medieval time, there was a certain criteria for men when approaching women of their same class or of a different class. A book called “The Art of Courtly Love” explained, in the form of dialogue, what men were expected to say to women when trying to get them to love and marry them. There was a certain way that men had to approach women and it if went well, then the women would take things further, but if the approach did not go well, the man was left alone. In the first dialogue, the conversation transpired between a man and woman of the same class and this dialogue shows how a man should not ask a woman for her love and hand in marriage. The man states: When the divi...

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back in the Medieval time era. Because of the christian religion, people could not be themselves and if they tried to they were punished for it. If you had sex when you weren 't supposed to and got caught, you were punished. A couple could not even enjoy sex with their spouses, if they enjoyed it, the act was considered a sin. If a person was not married and they had sexual thoughts, it was also considered a sin and you would go to hell as they put it. Discussing love, it was complicated; different people loved for different reasons, but the most common reason for love and marriage was because of personal gain. The couples that got married to each other because they were told to did not actually love one another; some of the time they were in love with other people. Marriage was arranged for land, money, and mostly power.

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