Watergate Scandal And The Watergate Crisis Essay

Watergate Scandal And The Watergate Crisis Essay

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Watergate Scandal
In June of 1972 there was a conspiracy involving president Richard Nixon and many of his staff members. They were trying to tamper with the reelection campaign of the president in the next term by tapping telephones, taping locks, and breaking into the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which was located in the Watergate building in Washington D.C. to steal secret documents. The government was not initially sure of the president was directly involved due to the fact that he had taken many steps to cover his tracks, including raising ‘Hush Money’ for the people involved and firing anyone proving to be uncooperative to his scheme.He also tried to stop the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) from investigating the issue, by destroying evidence and clues that could lead back to his illegal activities. In august of 1974 his involvement had been visible for all of America to see, soon after this he resigned as president and was given a full pardon from his successor, Gerald Ford. This is the summary of the Watergate scandal and all its participants.
Now the political climate of this time period had many different aspects and was a harsh time for the U.S. as a nation. For one the Vietnam War was a high priority for the nation and at the same time President Nixon was running for his second term. Many of his advisors believed and told Nixon that a somewhat forceful presidential campaign was detrimental and very much needed due to the time and situation of the national political events. These aggressive tactics would later turn out to be considered illegal espionage on the part of Nixon and his staff members. Some of the things they did was Break in to the democratic National Committees Watergate...

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...tened to impeach the president for abuse of power, criminal cover-up, obstruction of justice, and several other constitutional violations. Facing these accusations and handing over the tapes knowing full well his guilt the President Richard Nixon resigned on August 8, 1973. His successor Gerald Ford was sworn into office immediately and only six weeks later gave Nixon full pardon for all of his actions and involvements in the Watergate scandal. This was a very tough time politically for the nation with the Vietnam War and The Watergate scandal both happening together. It left many American’s not knowing what to believe about our government or know what direction our nation was going. However I do think in the end it proved to make us stronger and more politically stable as a nation for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is after all the American dream.

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