Watergate Chamber 30 : Shadow Of History Essay

Watergate Chamber 30 : Shadow Of History Essay

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The documentary entitled, Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History, documents the political decisions and environment within the Nixon Administration from 1969-1974. The documentary specifically details and describes the environment and culture in which the Watergate scandal could occur and the events and abuses of power that lead to its occurrence. Setting the tone and the political climate of the Nixon Administration was the Vietnam War; making him a wartime President, a war that he inherited from his predecessor. The Vietnam War faced a lot of opposition from the general public, with massive protests and political demonstrations by the younger generations and overall general public. Nixon’s presidency was surrounded by this climate amidst the Cold War, with extreme distrust of the Soviet Union. The fear of disloyalty and spies strongly shaped Nixon’s style of leaderships and his decisions during his presidency.
Consistent with his feelings of distrust and disloyalty, Nixon began wire-tapping those he considered his enemies, without the proper court orders. He lived in constant fear that Soviet spies had penetrated the higher levels of government, which led to his distrust of the FBI, CIA, and Congress. Conversely, the release of the Pentagon Papers, which detailed the involvement of the United States with Vietnam prior to the war, led to Nixon’s distrust of the press. As a result of his distrust of other government agencies and the press, Nixon began to centralize or streamline everything within the basement of the White House. Those working within his inside operation were known as “The Plumbers”, who goal was to protect the Nixon presidency, reelection, and prevent the release of classified information. The group carried out its ...

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... few people will ever experience.
Richard Nixon’s presidency has been overshadowed and characterized solely by his aggressive tactics to control and centralize power and the infamous Watergate scandal. An analysis of the documentary, Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History, shows and explains the leadership style, character, and the impact of culture on Richard Nixon. From this analysis, one understands that Nixon employed the characteristics of an exemplary leader, however he used them to persuade others to conduct illegal and illicit acts. Also, one learns the importance of character of a leader and how the character of Nixon influenced others and impacted a nation. Lastly, Nixon’s insatiable need for power and his plans to protect this power ended in a scandal that blemished his presidency and led to one of the largest scandals involving a United States president.

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