Essay about Water We Use Too Much Water

Essay about Water We Use Too Much Water

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There is a problem looming over our future it is something we have been warned about in the past and the effect it will have on us and our children. The problem is the water we use. We humans use too much water and we also waste it which will cause us to have many water problems in the near future. Water is one of the most vital things we need for living and we waste it not even thinking twice about it. We the people are causing the fresh water to disappear and eventually it will cause a major drought that will affect millions of people.
The population today is at an all time high which means more fresh water is being used on a person and is being wasted also. In an article written by National Geographic it says “On average, 10 gallons per day of your water footprint (or 14% of your indoor use) is lost by leaks.” (National Geographic.) That is just speaking upon on household think about millions of people that this situation might affect. All that water being wasted by a leak. With us using more fresh water these days it is going to run out. We think of water being a natural source but there is a limited amount of fresh water. When the fresh water that is drinkable is gone we won’t be able to get it back. “We Americans use twice as much water than the global average.” (Last Call at the Oasis) We take having clean drinking water that come out of our faucets for granted. Some people will take long showers not realising how much water they are wasting, or even leave the water on while they brush their teeth. People will also overuse water when they are washing their car. Water is something we all need and it is something we can’t live without. We think we have unlimited water since 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Ou...

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...ssissippi River to take water from them and bring it over to some of the western states. It is just a debate right now but if that happens people in missouri might be soon experience water drainage and suffering from a larger drought then we have in the past.
With water being one of the things we humans and animals must have in order to live this issue affects everyone in some way, even people who are not facing water issues yet soon will be. We are not the only ones who we should be thinking of we should think about the animals low water might affect. From the fish to bears it will effect a lot of animals not just us humans. We must cut back on our usage of water and start to conserve some of the water. We humans are the ones to blame for most of the decrease of freshwater and need to look at the way we use our water before it is too late to do anything about it.

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