Essay about The Water Shortage in Australia

Essay about The Water Shortage in Australia

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The Water Shortage in Australia

First of all it is necessary to define what the term “water shortage” means. For some people, it means having to constantly traverse long distances just to reach a source of fresh water and to collect it. For others, water shortage means to content themselves with water only for a part of day. And finally, there are some regions in which people suffer from droughts that lead to a great amount of deaths. Therefore, in modern world problem with deficiency in fresh water has become burning question, which needed immediate solution.

According to Peter Rogers, it is not right to consider that providing drinking water is problem that affects only developing nations with dense population. It is easy to see that shortages of freshwater are meanwhile growing more common in developed countries as well, e.g. USA, Australia and UK. In this essay I will study and analyze reasons of critical situation which exist in Australia.(Rogers, 2008)

Firstly, Australia is a very dry continent. Compared with other lands rainfall in Australia is on the low level. Hence, the dry climate on the most part of continent leads to droughts and bushfires, which are corollaries of water shortage. The most life-threatening situation is placed into Murray-Darling River Basin in the southeast Australia, one of the biggest catchments area in the world. In recent years the territory, which surrounded it shriveled up and burned off in prodigious wildfires. It was the sequence of incorrect government policy that divided up the river among the consumers and “allowed the participants to trade water and market water rights”. Moreover, this problem causes not only humans, but also natural inhabitants of water ecosystems – water and m...

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