Water Scarcity Due to Disturbance of Ecosystems Essay

Water Scarcity Due to Disturbance of Ecosystems Essay

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Recently, water scarcity is a critical issue that has been increasing human attention. Unfortunately, approximately one-fifth people who suffer from water scarcity (FAQ, 2007:P.4) that meant people who live a region is below 1000 m³ per year Pereira(2009). On the other hand, this situation has not changed; likewise, it become more serious due to population growth as well as pollution that lead the residents have not enough water in daily life. Therefore, the following paper would analysis the cause and the effects of the water shortage.
First of all, the main cause which is population growth lead people unapproachable get enough water and increase the demand of using water undoubtedly. According to Dixon (2010) demonstrated that have a considerable ascent of the birth in the world which rise six fold as the consumption of the water since 1950. Moreover, owing to satisfies human need which frequently forthright and indirectly destroys the environment no matter how river is precious. Take Ethiopia as an example, it was approximately six per cent of forest left and two thousand tons of soil wash away into the river which would contaminate the river every year(FAQ:1994.P.9). Simultaneously, the government need urban sprawl and urban development which so as to reduce the pressure of dense population. Particularly, in some thrive cities such as Hong Kong, reclamation provide land to achieve various economic, transport, housing and social need of the community (Civil Engineering and Development Department, 2008). The marine environments can contaminate by construction activity that coastal habitats can changes from the physical nature of the seabed, which can be a cause to erosion, sedimentation, physical and chemical disturbance of eco...

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