Essay on Water Scarcity Can Make It Difficult For Animals

Essay on Water Scarcity Can Make It Difficult For Animals

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Water scarcity can make it difficult for animals to survive during hot summer months. It becomes even more difficult during extended droughts due reduced food supply combined with dried out water holes. Climate change is causing more droughts that are more severe and last longer. Dr Fred Guthery indicates that desert adapted animals like quail can thrive with higher populations when water is available.


We learned about how Air Solar Water could be used to support desert wildlife while attending a outdoor and sporting show in Texas. In this part of the Texas desert they are lucky to receive 10 inches of rain and have been experiencing a multi-year droughts that has negatively affected bird and deer populations in the area.

The Ranger who told us about the problem was interested in bird species where a continued drop in population could threaten the species. Many other people indicated an interest simply to increase the number of animals at their favorite spots.

The ranger also described conditions where Air Solar Water could provide water in wildlife migration corridors to help wildlife populations move through very dry areas to locations where they are better able to survivor and would be unlikely to discover on their own.

Air Solar Water Ideal to support wild animals

bird-301769_1280Air Solar Water is designed to provide water in remote locations where it is hot and sunny.

Air Solar Water is ideal to deliver water via wild-life with no dependency on external power. The ability to produce water from air in remote locations where the Wildlife are located makes Air Solar Water ideal to augment natural water sources.

Air Solar Water provides the unique benefit of delivering the most water during the hotte...

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... birds can we support with a unit to supplies 50 ounces of water per day?
Assuming we use the small float based watering devices shown above. How many watering outlets do we need to allow birds to consume all the water from a 50 ounce per day system. How should they be spaced?
What density of units do we need to support the maximum density of birds that could survive on local feed? eg: 3 units per acre?
Where in the USA are potentially threatened bird species concentrated where water scarcity is contributing to survival stress? Who cares about the problem?
Who is funding work / tests to preserve bird populations in dryland drought areas?
Where are wildlife biologists and ecologists most interested in this kind of problem and who are well suited to measure the results from these artificial water sources concentrated? Specific names and contacts help the most.

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