Water Rights : The State Essay

Water Rights : The State Essay

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Water Rights: The State, The Market, The community:
There is one Question To whom Water does belongs to? Who is the owner of the water? And what kind of rights should people or country have to use water? What are the responsibilities should people have?
The world is now facing water crisis and it will become worst in next days. And the economy of the world is shifting over water from common use to private good and traded it. Many societies in the world show that the water is for common use there is no privatization for any state or country. From the ancient, the water is given as free from nature, so it is for all. The air, the water, the earth and the sea, those things are given to mankind and all living things on earth for free. The water rights are reserved in all the ancient laws. Water can be used but not owned. People have rights to use of water because it sustains the life.
Water right includes Riparian Rights that mean Ownership of land on the river bank. According to the common right and reasonable use, the Riparian rights show human settlement all over the world. In India, the Riparian system is generated along the Himalayas. The famous Canal over Kaveri River is still functioning. Different riparian systems are available in north, south and east India from ancient time. Early riparian rights were based on the use of water by sharing and conserving it as given by nature. Even European countries which are settle down first in the eastern united sates those were following riparian rights.
Water is common because it is affecting the all the living thing life and the water are also affected by people who use it and how they use it. In prior history before British arrived in India, water is use as common but the privatiz...

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...or common for those are living this on the earth. It is the sustainable thing for life. So it is our responsibility to keep it clean and save it. Don’t exhaust the water from nature beyond its regulation limit. There is no privatization for water. Since the ancient time it was common and it would be common. The selling of water and buying of water for treading is against nature. The industrial revolution is affected to the quality of water and availability of water. The industrial use of water and waste of water is control by the Total Discharge Permits (TDP). Due to effect of green house gases climate changes happened and because of that the water balance is disturb. The World Bank is fighting against the treading of water and privatization of water and fight for the rights for common citizens. The water cycle is teaching us how we can live clean and freedom life.

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