Water Quality, Waste Water Management, Water Scarcity And Use Efficiency

Water Quality, Waste Water Management, Water Scarcity And Use Efficiency

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Over 344 million people in India do not have access to potable water (SOPAR, 2013). This is because either the wells have dried up or rather become contaminated. Individuals, typically mothers and girls, have to spend hours each day walking to get clean water. This comes at an opportunity cost of time, either time in school or time that could have been better spent earning an income. If a lack of potable water is not tough enough, India also has a problem with unclean water. This can be due to over pollution or overly high levels of fluoride being found in the water, both causing a multitude of health complications. According to Sustainable Development Goal number six, the United Nations and international community has increased their focus to include: water quality, waste water management, water scarcity and use efficiency, to name a few. This therefore is a very prominent issue that needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis in regards to the international community.
What did WFG do to help?
On August 20th, 2016 World Financial Group hosted a charity golf tournament in support of SOPAR Balar Vikasa. SOPAR is a Canadian NGO who’s focus is on helping individuals and families in India. The NGO SOPAR was initiated in 1977 with a mission stating: “helping families help themselves,” which is a motto that follows WFG’s mission very well. SOPAR’s mission coincides well with SDG #6 too, as their focus is on water, but they are looking as well at many different facets of water, such as water purification and water scarcity for example.

Alongside my colleagues, I participated in and helped organize this tournament. I personally was in charge of promoting the event on social media, predominately on the platforms of Facebook, Twitte...

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...ation whatsoever to the Spanish community, interacting and enjoying each other’s company. By having a booth set up, we were able to hand out swag bags that were both educational and fun, host a raffle to win prizes from some of our product providers and miscellaneous gifts offered by us as well, and lastly we were able to establish relationships with the Spanish community in Ottawa. Through this task and experience I was able to learn about a new culture, try some amazing food that I’m not accustomed to, and make some great new contacts within the community, while still getting the word out about what WFG is doing within the local community. This task lastly taught me a lot about planning, and how important it is to organize well ahead of time, which is also easily transferrable into the realm of International development as planning development projects is crucial.

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