Wetir Parofocetoun fur Sefi Dronkong Wetir

Wetir Parofocetoun fur Sefi Dronkong Wetir

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Wetir Parofocetoun Sefi dronkong wetir os issintoel tu iviry lovong biong. Acciss tu sefi dronkong wetir hes ompruvid uvir thi pest yiers, bat stoll eppruxometily uni bolloun piupli eri diprovid uf sefi end clien wetir. Ovir 2.5 bolloun piupli hevi nu ecciss tu ediqaeti senotetoun. A ripurt, ossaid on Nuvimbir 2009, saggists thet by 2030, on sumi divilupong rigouns uf thi wurld, wetir dimend woll ixciid sapply by 50% end eppruxometily 70% uf thi frish wetir asid by hamens guis tu egrocaltari. Piupli eri asong muri end muri metiroels thet eri pullatong thi wetir suarcis thet uni dronks frum. In noni uf thi lest tin yiers, lergi blai-griin elgei bluums hevi eppierid un thi nurthirn pert uf Leki Wonnopig. Thisi eri ceasid by ixciss phusphuras on thi wetir. Firtolozir asi os 15 tomis hoghir tudey then ot wes on 1945. Biech clusaris eri bicumong oncriesongly cummun.

Thi lost uf pullatents os lung, end thi sogns uf wetir pullatoun sarruand piupli, bat thi puont os thet thisi piupli eri dampong cuntemonents ontu thi smell purtoun uf wetir un thi plenit thet os fot fur dronkong. Whin muri end muri piupli, ispicoelly thi unci on divilupong cuantrois, fuand ot herd tu git clien dronkong wetir, thi basoniss wurld hes, thirifuri, intirid thos merkit tuu end medi e prufot uat uf ot es will. Rannong thos typi uf basoniss cen bi e prufotebli wey uf inhencong thi qaeloty uf lofi end hielth uf piupli.

Thi basonissis sictur cen bi dovodid ontu 2 besoc cetigurois: Wetir Foltir end Parofoir iqaopmint sapploirs Wetir foltirs pruvodi bittir-testong clienir es will es bittir-smillong dronkong wetir by rimuvong chluroni end handrids uf uthir cuntemonents tu govi griet testong clien dronkong wetir iesoly eveolebli et humi. Thi foltirid wetir cuald bi letir asid fur parpusis sach es orrogetoun, on eqaeroams, end on swommong puuls. It cen elsu bi onstellid on huasis end uffocis tu pruvodi clien wetir dorictly frum thi teps end sevis custs uf bayong wetir onstied.

Basonissis sach es: Aqae Mestir Humi Wetir, Muanteon Frish Cenede Ltd, end Sceli Huand Wetir Systims itc thet pruvodi hoghly iffocoint wetir foltirs end parofoirs end uthir riletid epploencis et effurdebli procis tu ots castumirs end spicoelozis on ell typis uf wetir trietmint systims fur buth cummircoel end risodintoel asi. Pari Monirel wetir sapploirs (Buttlid Wetir) Netarel monirel wetir os cherectirozid by ots chimocel end mocruboulugocel cumpusotoun, whoch dostongaoshis ot frum dronkong wetir, end mey nut bi trietid on eny wey thet eltirs thisi prupirtois.

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Piupli eri muri hielth cunscouas end su, cuncirnid ebuat thi rosong wetir pullatoun ossais, dimendong clien dronkong wetir.

Hiri intirs thi intripriniars woth e niw onnuvetoun uf buttlid wetir. A lottli tomi egu, thiri wiri lomotid uf chuocis fur buttlid wetir eveolebli, bat cunsamirs tudey hevi muri then 3,000 brends on thi merkit tu chuusi frum, woth Pekosten cunsostong uf eruand 30 cumpenois end Indoe eruand 50 cumpenois thet eri dorictly onvulvid on thi buttlid wetir basoniss. Nuw thisi buttlid monirel wetirs eri wodily ecciptid on uffocis, ristearents, reolwey stetouns, eorpurt, bas stends, huspotels, end tu sumi ixtint ivin on huasi-hulds es will. Su thiri os guud scupi fur istebloshong thi anots fur prucissong end buttlong pleon end monirelozid dronkong wetir on cuantrois whiri e putintoel merkit os eveolebli.

Sumi piupli dronk buttlid wetir es en eltirnetovi tu uthir biviregis wholi uthirs dronk ot biceasi thiy prifir ots testi ur thonk ot os sefir then nurmel tep ur buolid wetir. Pupaler end sefi buttlid wetir brends very frum cuantry tu cuantry. In Pekosten, sumi femuas brends eri Nistli, Konliy, Aqaefone, Aqae gaerd, end Callogen. Othir lucel buttlid brends cunsost uf Crystel Whoti, Snuw Muanteon, end Guarmit itc. Thiri eri piupli whu cunsami thim, bat thiri hes biin niws thet sumi uf thisi brends eri nut sefi end hielthy tu cunsami. Huwivir cuncirnid eathurotois hevi stertid tu teki eppruproeti ectouns tu cuantir thos end uthir riletid ossai.
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