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About : Winner plays for the varsity water polo team for the YG Institute of Music. When they play their rivals, EXO of SM Academy, Winner is confronted by players that not only rival them in skill but also in love.


Seungyoon threw his bag down on the pool deck, squinting from the glare of the sun off the water. Taehyun followed close behind, setting his bag down next to his hyung's, holding one hand to his forehead, shading his eyes.

"SM Academy today?" he asked. Seungyoon nodded, casting a glare over to the other team.

The other team was gathering on the other side of the pool, clad in matching windbreakers. Secured on their heads were the blue swim caps of the visiting team, passing along the line of caps until everyone had their correct number. Seungyoon looked at Taehyun, making a face.

"Pussies," he said.

The boys wrapped their towels around their waists and rushed to change quickly, shuttling pants and briefs from under the towel and replacing them with the black speedo that was their uniform.

The boys from each team glared across the pool, eyeing their competition. Seungyoon threw his towel back into his bag and collected his swim cap; lucky number 7, securing it loosely on his head. 7 had been his number since he was a freshman, when he first started playing varsity halfway through the season. Now he was team captain and easily the most valuable player on the team. The only teammate who could stand a chance against him was the maknae of the group, Taehyun, who joined varsity for his first season this year as a freshman.

"Get in the water!" Coach yelled, shooing the boys from the pool deck. "Warm up!"

Like birds flocking from an empty field, players sprang off the diving blocks and from the poo...

... middle of paper ...

...e rival player, he raised his fist, punching Kai squarely in the cheekbone. Kai's head smacked back against the cement floor of the locker room. He gasped, stunned for a moment. Even Seungyoon was surprised at what he'd done.

In an instant, Kai was back in motion, grabbing Seungyoon by his hair, delivering a short punch to Seungyoon's jaw. Seungyoon's head shot back and fell forward, slamming their heads together.

Seungyoon drew back immediately wincing from the pain. He could taste blood in his mouth. Kai brought his hand to his mouth, touching his lips to see if he was bleeding.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt!" a voice suddenly apologized.

Seungyoon's head snapped up towards the direction of the voice. Kai looked up as well.

A slender girl stood at the door, her eyes as wide as saucers at the scene in front of her : two boys in a very compromising position.

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