Essay on Water Pollution Is The Spread Of A Deadly Toxin

Essay on Water Pollution Is The Spread Of A Deadly Toxin

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Water pollution is the spread of a deadly toxin that contains harmful chemicals. Water pollution has become a problem for states, countries, and continents. It is a world problem. It can turn the beautiful world into a dark, unfamiliar, revolting world. Water pollution is the spread of contamination through the bodies of water, the outcome of which is devastating. The major cause of water pollution are humans. It is a human problem because along with the rapid growth of the earth’s population, pollution also grows rapidly. Water pollution is spread through waste dumping from factories, trash dumping, and oil spills from careless oil. It seems easy for humans to get rid of trash and nuclear waste by dumping it into oceans, lakes, and rivers, not thinking or imagining the long-term damages it can cause. If one pours a cup of black ink into a lake, the ink would quickly disappear into the lake’s quality of clean water. Although it would not be seen, the ink would still remain, in a low concentration, making it impossible to be seen. Though a cup may not cause significant damage, but gallons of black ink poured into water everyday would be significant damage. Could one possibly imagine the drastic damages it would cause? When earth’s population was much smaller and pollution was not common, people believe pollution would not become a serious problem. They assumed the oceans were far too big to pollute, but they did not realize the serious severe damages it could cause to the environment. Unfortunately, throughout the years, water pollution has increased rapidly. The water supply, bodies of water, marine life, land animals, humans, and the environment are affect severely by water pollution. The deadly contaminating toxin is killing tho...

... middle of paper ..., rivers, streams) (Vasudevan and Oturan). Over 97% of the earth’s water is too salty to drink, the other 2% is locked in glaciers, and 1% is left for drinking, manufacturing, and nature. We live in a time in history where millions of people don’t have access to clean water, countries like India and Africa. The people who do have access to clean water are over using it. Humans tend to over use water and over pumping ground water. Clean water should be used wisely. Things to prevent water pollution are not flushing liquids or medications down the toilet, should dealing responsibly industrial waste, trash dumping, and the major pollutant waste water. If water pollution keeps up soon safe water will come to an end. Water is the essence of life, all life and earth depends on it. America’s water is far from clean, but it is an effort, effort that everyone has to put in.

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