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Water Of Not A Luxury Essay

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Water in not a luxury; it is a necessity. However, for many people water has turned the basis for life into a health hazard. Water makes up roughly 65% of the adult body and is responsible for nurturing every living organism it comes into contact with. Conversely, it has recently been reported to do the exact opposite for many populations who have been introduced to a polluted version of this mineral. In Flint, Michigan a water crisis has placed Americans in a state of alert as media reported on the dangerous amounts of toxic lead present in Flint resident’s water supply. Another community in Grenada, Mississippi has also been introduced to poisoned water due to what is believed improper disposal of chemicals by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after a factory shut down. Organizations such as the EPA, city, and state officials have poorly regulated safety and sanitation standards of the water supplies of these majority low-income and minority neighborhoods making water, a necessary resource responsible for the growth of communities, tainted leading to more harm than benefit in these urban cities.
Images of orange watery substances flowing from spigots, brown liquid settled in jugs, and yellow fluid resting in bath tubs had Americans in disbelief that this obviously contaminated water was what Michigan residents paid for and were supplied with. Flint, Michigan is a city located in close proximity to the largest vessels of fresh water in the world— The Great Lakes. However, the city has recently been put on alert that there has been a breakdown in water quality making it unsafe for consumption. Residents reported the water began to smell, taste, and look abnormal but many contributed this change to sewage issue...

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...e to the decrease in community stability. Therefore, procedures need to be established and agreed on by environmental health, water quality specialist, and public health officials to immediately attack issues such as this when they arise.
The socioecological model that many public health officials follow presents community as the environment one lives in and how that environment impacts health outcomes. Flint, Michigan and Grenada, Mississippi’s community stability have been compromised by contaminated water. In knowing the dangers that present themselves when hazardous chemicals enter waterways utilized for drinking every precaution should be taken to prevent these contaminations. Additionally, after identifying a crisis, organizations made to regulate and preserve these systems for the general public should immediately be available for response and solutions.

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