Water Of Australias Cities : Adelaide Essay

Water Of Australias Cities : Adelaide Essay

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Water in Australias cities: Adelaide

Adelaide is considered one of the most driest places in Australia, as well as one of the driest inhabited area within the world, (State of the Environment South Australia, 2013 & SA Waters, nd). Adelaide is located in the Southern Australia and home to approximately 23, 169 residents in urban Adelaide, (Profile.id Community Profile, 2015.) For this reason, the combination of such a compacted city, a dry climate and a growing population, places much pressure on Adelaide’s urban water. Particularly in a city where water is quite central to Adelaide 's lifestyle, economy, environment, and most importantly population, (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, 2014). Furthermore, urban Adelaide is a population that is quite culture rich and dynamic in ethnic population, as well as home to Indigenous Australians, specifically the Ngarrindjeri people, (State of the Environment South Australia, 2013). For this reason, water management has become more crucial then ever before for the sustainability of present and future populations, and Adelaide’s environmental landscapes which also rely on a water supply. Through the years of population growth and climate change, Adelaide’s water supply and use has called for the management of three of the main water related issues. These are, issues in urban water distribution, scarcity, (and its cause and effects), issues in regard to Adelaide’s water quality in reference to salinity levels and pollution. Through the identification and study of these issues, as well as the values, symbolism, and norms, can Adelaide’s urban water only be efficiently and correctly managed, (Bettini, 2012).


Scarcity is a significant issue effecting Adelai...

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... particular water issue.

In conclusion, Adelaide’s urban water consists of pressing issues such as, scarcity, water salinity and pollution. However it is through the acknowledgment and recognition of competing groups and values effected by the issue, whereby management can be achieved. As firstly seen through the issue of scarcity, whereby through the study of the 6 environmental values and educating the community positive change was established. Secondly, water quality referring to salinity levels, whereby, better management was the goal and through this the acknowledgment of Indigenous Aboriginal and rural communities effected by desalination plants. Lastly, through the consideration of both marine ecosystems and human needs, strategies and management projects where implemented that involved the community to contribute to positive change of the St Vincent Gulf.

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