Water Melting Is A Precious Commodity Essay

Water Melting Is A Precious Commodity Essay

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Katie Vetsch
Professor Tanya Vanderlinde
Composition 1
22 March 2015
Yucky Water
Water is a very precious commodity. It is used to hydrate, shower, cook, swim, wash clothes, clean, and many other things. “Approximately 98% of our water is salty and only 2% is fresh” (theguardian). “Out of that 2%, almost 70% is snow and ice, 30% is groundwater, less than 0.5% is surface water, and less than 0.05% is in the atmosphere” (theguardian). The world does not have a sustainable supply of clean, usable water.
Climate change does a great toll on the amount of clean and usable water resources. Warming climate causes polar ice to melt (theguardian). The effect of polar ice melting is that it becomes an unusable water source (theguardian). This is due to the fact that when it melts, it flows into the sea, making it salt water (theguardian). Salt water is not a clean, usable water source. “Another effect of warming is to increase the amount of water that the atmosphere can hold, which in turn can lead to more and heavier rainfall when the air cools” (theguardian). “Although more rainfall can lead to more fresh water resources, heavier rainfall leads to more rapid movement of water from the atmosphere back to the oceans, reducing our ability to store and use it” (theguardian). Rainfall replaces snowfall when the air is warmer, which when it is warmer, evaporation usually increases (theguardian). These higher climates also cause inland glaciers to melt (theguardian). “This will increase water supply to rivers and lakes in the short to medium term, but this will cease once the glaciers have melted” (theguardian). “The overall effect of climate change is an intensification of the water cycle, which will cause more extreme floods and droughts gl...

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...culture uses many chemicals that eventually end up in freshwater supplies.
There are many sets of cause and effect when it comes to having a sufficient water supply that is both clean and usable. There are also many ways that one can help into creating and maintaining that water supply. Many of the causes for a shortened supply can be completely avoided and fixed. The world does not have a sustainable supply of clean, usable water.

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