Essay on Water Is Life Not A Commodity

Essay on Water Is Life Not A Commodity

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Water is Life not a Commodity
As the sustenance for all humankind, animals, plants and other living organisms, Water is the greatest natural resources on this planet and it is becoming scarcer and more of a necessity. Water is a basic need and not a want in the same way that without air to breathe, cannot sustain life. Safe, clean water and good sanitation is a right. Therefore, the right to safe, clean water means the right to life. According to United Nations human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, ethnic origin, color, religion, language or any other status. Based on UN definition I am confident to assert that safe, clean drinking water and good sanitation is a basic human rights for everyone in the world. When good drinking water is a commodity or service that is any tangible or intangible thing with value that can be bought or sold, then one can only have it if one can afford, on the other hand, when water is a human right which everyone should have access to at least a certain minimum quantity to live with dignity (Brabeck-Letmathe).
Therefore, promotion of water as a commodity has actually led to increase control through monopoly and privatization, and the poor are left out. Clean drinking water is believed by many that it should not be bartered for like a commodity because it 's a basic human need that should not be bargained with. Anybody deprived of these basic necessities lack such rights because the access to water should, therefore, be a fundamental right which is the universal right. Technically, safe drinking water is water used for basic domestic purposes, drinking, cooking and personal hygiene and so on, it is unwise to ration water and make money o...

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...y water is a scarce commodity, we see in impoverished countries. Also safe, clean drinking water is incredibly a life blood and the need for it is so great that many people struggle to have the most basic necessities for survival (United Nation).
In conclusion, safe, drinking water is of great significance. Water should not necessarily be a commodity, it should be affordable to be bought as a token. If water is not clean it reflects negatively on humans that is why non – developed countries should have proper mechanism to treat their water for consumption. Finally, when it comes to safe drinking water, the matter is the value which we assign to different uses of it. We must remember that the value and the price of water are two different things; that is a substance that is scarce must be used efficiently, but must be available for the sustenance for all mankind.

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