Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink Essay

Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink Essay

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Water has always been an important part of people’s life. Did you know that just to produce one glass of milk people need 200 L of water ("Hunger Relief and Water in Africa") and this amount goes up to 13,000 L for only one kg of beef ("Facts and Figures")? Just looking at these numbers and considering that food is not the only topic people need water for, one can easily see that people need really big amounts of water. Unfortunately the world is running out of water and this water shortage is affecting people in many ways including their health and poverty. Even though many projects are going on about the water crisis, there are still many people who have problems accessing water. People can and have to do more about the crisis because one cannot live without water, the water crisis made many people’s lives really difficult and it will only get worse from now on if people do not take action.
One of the biggest causes of the water crisis is the growing population. According to the second volume of Food: In Context:
The world has more than doubled its human population since 1950. In general, people are wealthier, consume more calories, and eat more meat and thus require more water to produce food. More pressure is placed on the environment and as a result, the quality of the water that is available for drinking, food production, and marine life is depleting.(839).
As one can see from the text, the demand for water in the world has increased a lot and people are having hard time supplying water to some places. A projection of the population expects a forty to fifty percent growth ("Water Crisis.") and with this growth the demand will keep increasing. Another projection believes that by 2030, some places will exceed their water sup...

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