Water And The Water Cycle Essay

Water And The Water Cycle Essay

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Water and the water cycle have essential roles in almost every environmental system (textbook). The hydrologic cycle, also known as the water cycle, summarizes how water in all different forms circulates through our environment (textbook). There are different parts of the hydrologic cycle that have an impact the climate. Some of these parts contribute certain effects of climate change like droughts, melting glaciers, decreasing river flows, and much more (textbook). This paper will examine the components of the water cycle and the impacts that it takes from climate change.
The hydrologic cycle consists of different parts. The biggest and the main water supply on Earth is the ocean. The ocean holds 97% of all water on Earth (textbook).
From the ocean and other large bodies of water, water continues to move through the atmosphere by evaporation (textbook). Evaporation is not the only way that water can move from bodies of water to the atmosphere. Another way this can happen is through transpiration. Transpiration is known as “the release of water vapor by plants through their leaves” (textbook page 78). Once the water has gone through either evaporation or transpiration, then water goes through a process that will make it return to the Earth’s surface. This process is called precipitation. Precipitation can be defined as the process where the water vapor liquefies and soon falls as rain or snow (textbook). Most of the precipitation will fall into major water bodies. Although, for the precipitation that does not fall into major water bodies either flows as runoff or flows into groundwater. Runoff is known as the precipitation that eventually flows into major bodies through rivers (textbook). Groundwater is known a...

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...omposure of natural precipitation and change the natural process of evaporation and transpiration (textbook).
Climate change will also affect fresh water and the hydrologic system. Research predicts that snowmelt and spring runoff will happen earlier than expected (textbook). This will cause the rain belts to shift which results in drier summers. Considering that summers may start earlier and end later, this increases the risk for drought (textbook). During a drought there is no precipitation and the temperature is very high. The temperature is very high because of the impact of the water cycle. Research indicates that if the temperature rises, this could lead to warmer river temperatures, damaging aquatic ecosystems and freshwater fish populations (textbook). This proves that an impact on the water cycle causes variability in precipitation and temperature.

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