The Water Act Of Harwell 2in 1974 Congress Passes The Safe Drinking Act Essay

The Water Act Of Harwell 2in 1974 Congress Passes The Safe Drinking Act Essay

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Harwell 2In 1974 congress passes the Safe Drinking Act, which was amended in 1986. The SafeDrinking Water Act (SDWA) is the main federal law that ensures the quality of Americans 'drinking water. Under SDWA, EPA sets standards for drinking water quality and oversees thestates, localities, and water suppliers who implement those standards (United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency). This shall set the standards on man-made contaminants andnaturally occurring contaminants in drinking water based on health. Contaminants in thedrinking water could be any physical, biological chemical or radiological substance or matter.The Environmental Protection Agency are the ones that set the legal limits of these contaminantsin the drinking water. The EPA sets these limits based on health for humans based on the levelthe water systems can provide using the newest, most efficient technology. The Safe DrinkingWater Act gives individual states the opportunity to set and enforce their own drinking waterstandards if the standards are at least as strong as EPA 's national standards (United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency).A common threat to drinking water from natural resources is lead. This contaminate inparticular is more likely to be added to the water after it travels through piping, but worthmentioning. Lead is more dangerous to children and babies than adults. Drinking lead aboveregulations set by the EPA could result in delayed development both physical and mental. Inadults, dangerous levels of lead can increase blood pressure.Some think that a solution to pollution is distribution but recent tests done in LakeMichigan show otherwise. In a recent test done on the water farther out than the shoreline thirty-two pharmaceuticals and perso...

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...ddrinking water a little cleaner. The NRDC recommends things like making sure we dispose ofchemicals, house hold products and trash properly. Things like prescription drugs and motor oilshould never be poured down the drains or flushed. They also recommend doing things in youryard when working with water like using natural fertilizers. Author Meleah Geertsma also notesthat the city of Chicago needs to clean up polluting businesses along the waterways and establisha land use plan that draws clean investment consistent with a sustainable future. NBC Chicagorecently announced that The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago likelywill be required to disinfect sewage that 's discharged into the waterway system from the NorthSide and Calumet treatment plants, according to the EPA. Disinfection was stopped at thoseplants in the mid-1980s, the agency says.

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