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Watching The English By Kate Fox Essay

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Being in England was a great experience to see how we as Americans have many similarities to Englishmen as well as many differences. In Kate Fox’s book ‘Watching the English’ she talks about how the English truly are, which in my honest opinion is very contradictory in itself. The English talk about the weather, they enjoy gossip almost as much as we do, yet they are much more reserved than we are, and many more that I will discuss later. Also in this paper I will share some of my experiences which were quite similar to parts of this book, and others that were not.

The one thing I found extremely interesting in this book was that Fox explained how the English will talk about the weather, not just because they thoroughly enjoy it, but because it is a way for them to keep to small talk. The way Fox describes the English in her book as being reserved, and feel embarrassed talking with other people. While watching some of the townspeople in Oxford you could tell this was not the case, they were friendly and sometimes would come up to you and start a conversation. In the book Fox describes that on how talking about the weather helps the English come out of their shells and talk to one another. Then there are some rules for talking about the weather that all foreigners would not know or understand if you were listening or talking to an English person. One of the rules is that if someone came up to you and said ‘What a lovely day it is’ you would have to agree with it, even if you completely disagree. Disagreeing about the weather, such as saying ‘No, its really cold and brisk’ would go against all boundaries and would be returned with a nasty look and silence. If you do happen to disagree, you have two other options; one is...

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... drawbridge, they keep to themselves and never share information to where they live. In the book Fox exclaims that the English don’t have numbers outside their houses, so you aren’t able to know where someone lives. In Oxford though it was quite different, finding our flat was extremely easy since road signs were posted everywhere and house numbers were outside every wall. An interesting thing that I was lucky enough to witness, was our neighbors were refurbishing and repainting their house. In ‘Watching the English’ Fox says that the English take pride in their homes and tend to redo everything in it. Unlike the United States depending on how you redecorate your house shows which social class you are apart of. The upper class and the lower class have mismatching furniture, while the high middle middle class and the middle class match all of their furniture.

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