Watching A Person Walk Into A Wall Essay examples

Watching A Person Walk Into A Wall Essay examples

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Watching a person walk into a wall because they were staring at their phone and oblivious to their surroundings is something most people have either done or witnessed before. At the time it is a very funny and embarrassing situation, but it’s no laughing matter. People who are distracted by their phones while walking have the potential to experience accidents that can range from a simple fall and a bruise all the way to death. Most people in today’s society that are overly attracted to their cell phones, experience this quite often because they lack their sense of their surroundings, and their disruption in their hands. When lacking a sense of surroundings, people can often accidentally end up where they’re not supposed to be, or worse be injured due to not paying attention. “Whether they were walking in front of cars, running into tree limbs, falling into man holes, or falling into other places that could be harmful, 1,105 people were taken to the emergency room due to distracted accidents caused by cell phones in 2013 (Henderson).” The graph last done in 2013 is expected to increase on average growth of 97 more injuries from texting and walking per year. Cell phones have ultimately become such a distraction to some people that they have lost their lives because they weren’t aware of their surroundings (Henderson). Studies show that walking and talking on the phone can decrease a person’s sense of surroundings just as much as texting and walking. In today’s modern society a safe practice to avoid hazards while walking or driving is to put away the cell phone before you leave for your destination. After you arrive at the destination, you can use your phone as much as you like, because you made it there safe. Cell phones are a maj...

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...le the most efficient it has ever been, connecting them in a matter of seconds than weeks. Even then communication between people has evolved in recent years from the simple text message, to picture messages that can be viewed for up to ten seconds on snap chat. With so many different advancements in cell phone technology that were created to make our lives simpler, many people believe they have only brought negative effects to their users. Some people in today’s society refuse to buy cell phones because of their negative effects, even though these people are left, as described by today’s youth as “out of the loop”. Not all the time is that a bad thing though. Most people who aren’t as connected with their phones to society, often see more real life things that happen right in front of their eyes, as opposed to missing it from being too zoned into their cell phones.

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