Watch The September Nightly News On Abc With Lester Holt Essay

Watch The September Nightly News On Abc With Lester Holt Essay

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I chose to watch the November 5th nightly news on NBC with Lester Holt.. I do not consider myself an informed citizen due to the low amount of news that I watch. Watching this news cast helped me to better understand what is going on within the world right now around me. During the video he speaks about a plane crash, former president Bush weighing in on his son 's presidency, Ben Carson claims, a cop 's suicide, a weight loss pill, and a caring cop.
President Obama believes that a bomb had brought down a private russian jet flight. Although there is no physical proof that a bomb had dealt the great damage it is strongly believed by the president and the rest of the government that this is the main cause. Due to this fatal crash, that killed everyone on board, the government is strengthening its international airport facilities once again.
Former president George W. Bush had criticized the presidency of his son George Bush. The former president, Bush, had made accusations against the George’s appointed war advisors. All of this had be going on while another Bush family member had been running for the next presidential spot. Jed bush is currently in the running and the negative talk about his brother 's former presidency will only harm his chances.
Ben Carson is currently the frontrunner for the republican party. Being the frontrunner also comes with disadvantages such as people will make rash and harsh claims against you just to start trouble. Viewers are criticizing some of the past things he had said regarding the pyramids. Everybody is taught that the pyramids were built as a an ancient burial tomb. In 1998 Ben was recorded saying that he believes that Joseph had built the tombs in order to store grain in them. People be...

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...ents the children were very grateful for everything that he had done had welcomed him as a part of their family.
Although the nightly news did not contain as much information as the regular news did it greatly helped me. I was not aware of things such as Ben Carson leading the race for the presidency right now and I also did not know that another Bush family member is running. I know believe that watching even a fragment of the news everyday, like the nightly news, will greatly help to increase citizen knowledge of everything that is going on. Even though we have access to it on our phones we are distracted by the many other things out phones offer. TV news though will help to keep our attention and keep us informed. I did not see any bias during the film that would have swayed me to one side more than the other. I felt that it showed equal fairness to both sides.

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