The Waste Of The Garbage Essay

The Waste Of The Garbage Essay

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Ever since plastic was introduced in the early 20th century, the lands of America have been accumulating massive amounts of garbage. But where does it all end up? While reading Garbology, I was astounded by how much the average person wastes on a daily basis, how much ends up in landfills per year, and how very few people are taking the extra step to make a difference.
The amount of waste the average person produces on a daily basis is staggeringly high at 7.1 pounds. I have noticed that there are rarely ever recycling bins next to the trash bins at gas stations, therefore people could not recycle even if they wanted to. Whenever people go on road trips and are emptying out the trash that has been accumulating in their car, there is no way to properly dispose of paper and plastic except for throwing it into the trash bin. This may be why the percentage of recyclables found in landfills is as high as 24%, according to Smith. If recycling bins were as numerous as trash bins, less recyclables would end up in landfills every year.
Landfills are becoming greater and greater each day wit...

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