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Waste Management Written Report Waste can be defined as anything that no longer had a useful purpose and needs to be disposed of. Every day, no matter what we do, everyone in the environment accumulates waste. As more and more waste continues to accumulate, there becomes a need for some sort of process so that the waste doesn’t just consume the earth; this is where waste management comes into play. Waste management is the many processes involved in managing the waste of organisms within the environment including reduction, storage, recycling, transport, and finally disposal. (Include citation here). Proper waste management is especially important because it aids in the protection and overall well-being of the environment. Certain types of wastes, such as hazardous or industrial waste, can be harsh on the environment and can contaminate the ecosystem if not properly managed. These same types of waste can seep not run off and make its way to an organism’s drinking source, causing disease and contamination to the species. There are several classifications of waste that waste management handles. The major two types of waste are solid and liquid. Liquid waste includes and liquid form of residue that is very hazardous to the environment. This waste can be pure liquid, bulky or even sludgy. Solid waste is any types of refuse that result from any operation or activity. This waste type can be broken down into two further classifications; hazardous and not hazardous. Hazardous waste includes household and industrial waste. Household waste is any chemicals or solids we use in the house that is hazardous including medical waste, consumer electronics, and paint. The very products we use to keep our houses pristine and shiny clean could lead... ... middle of paper ... ...oil to farm in for others. By recycling, we reduce the volume of waste taking up much need land worldwide. After implementing this mantra into our lives, we will come to the realization that we don't always need as much as we think we do and that not everything is a waste. Another solution to the problems with waste management methods is to become more innovative in effective waste disposal and management methods. The important problems associated with waste management methods need new effective strategies. These strategies can be devised to help create new cost effective and ecofriendly waste management ideas that are with environmental regulations. By creating new waste implementation plans, we can encourage others to create excellent strategies to help solve the problems of loss of biodiversity, health decline, pollution and contamination within the environment.

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