Essay on Washington Irving and Romanticism

Essay on Washington Irving and Romanticism

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The short stories of Washington Irving are examples of the literary movement of Romanticism and its characteristics which are evidenced in this author’s works. These
characteristics are sometimes found in abundant quantities or limited amounts in each of his short stories. However, no matter what short story Washington Irving wrote, the Age of Romanticism and its defining characteristics are found in each of his selections. So, too, do each of the author’s short stories present a unique study about the author’s intentions for creating his work. In Washington Irving’s selection “The Three Kings of Bermuda”, the author portrays tone in a way that he changes it often throughout his writing to help the reader understand the emotion and atmosphere taking place during this short story. He brings his readers almost on a rollercoaster of tone by giving different points to look at what is going on. Washington Irving gives many insights and key points by doing this. This blend of both Romanticism and this particular one of the author’s many purposes for writing this work will enrich the reader’s understanding of this selection. It will also make the reader aware of the author’s other works and their meaning/ themes. Using both the characteristics of Romanticism and a significant idea about the story, Washington Irving creates an interesting and meaningful selection for his readers’ enjoyment and learning.
Washington Irving’s use of Romanticism is portrayed in his writings very clearly and boldly. Romanticism is a revolt against rationalism that affected literature and other arts, beginning in the late eighteenth century and remaining strong throughout most of the nineteenth century. Romanticism has multiple characteristics and contrasts...

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