Essay on Was the Rosenberg Trial a Fair Trial?

Essay on Was the Rosenberg Trial a Fair Trial?

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Was the Rosenberg trial a fair trial? This has been a very controversial and debated question throughout the 20th century. Many people believe that the Rosenbergs where innocent but had an unfair trial. Others believe that the Rosenbergs had a fair trial and are guilty because of their involvement with espionage and the Soviet Union. Overall the Trial is still a very controversial because of their involvement with communism, their convictions of espionage, and their show of treason against he United States with the Soviets. Before the Rosenbergs were convicted of espionage, events took place first that made America anti-Communism. According to Douglas Linder, on March 1917 the Russian Revolution began which was the beginning of Communism. Another event was in 1939, when Britain and Germany went to war (James Sweeney). America looked down on Communism after confrontations with Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1917 an Espionage Act is put into terms (Douglas Linder). According to Douglas Linder, in 1923, a Communist Party was formed into the United States. Megan Barnett thought that the Rosenberg's joined a Communist Party due to Hitler's carnage.
The Soviet Union and America were allies in WWII during 1943. According to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the U.S. did not share information with the Soviet Union because they were worried about the Soviets' intentions. In 1949, the Soviet Union started to make atomic weapons. According to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, some U.S. people working on the Manhattan Project gave up information to the Soviets because they had pity on them. Thomas Reeves states on page 421, the Rosenbergs were the first American civilians to be executed for spying during the war. The Rosenbergs were an American famil...

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...age 481). According to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, both the Rosenbergs were killed in the electric chair. Ethel had to have three charges in the electric chair before being executed. According to Douglas Linder, the Rosenbergs funeral was held on June 21, 1953. The Rosenbergs were buried in the Wellwood Cemetery in New York.
Overall the Rosenbergs trial was very controversial. Many people believed the Rosenbergs were innocent but others believed they were guilty. Mock trials have since been held to see if the evidence was enough to prove the Rosenbergs guilt. The answer was proven to be no. Many people, despite the evidence, still believe the Rosenbergs are guilty. The Rosenbergs participation in the communist party, their convictions of espionage, and working for the Soviet Union were all events that led up to their demise. So, were the Rosenbergs really innocence

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