Was Psychology Really Founded in 1879 or Was It in Existence Before Then?

Was Psychology Really Founded in 1879 or Was It in Existence Before Then?

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Was psychology really founded in 1879?
Or was it in existence before that specific time?

Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) officially opened an institution and laboratory for Psychology, in Leipzig, Germany. Many students were also taught here on experimental psychology. Wundt was touted as a great lecturer, and some of those taught, emulated Wundt's work and made a significant contribution to psychology; for example Edward Titchner (1867-1927), who introduced structuralism to the United States of America.
This facility was renowned through out the world as the premise on which psychology became a science, because, it was there Wundt carried out extensive research on several hypotheses.
Claiming the title of 'Psychologist' Wundt showed that psychology had its own right to be labelled as a scientific discipline separate from those of physiology and philosophy. This was done via Voluntarism the school of thought associated with Wundt and also through Introspection.
Others highly disapproved of Wundt's work, and many others also came under scrutiny by Wundt especially, if their theories were not of his school of thought. Due to this strong contemptuous approach, many of the existing ideas that bore great significance to psychology as we know it today were dismissed by Wundt.
Despite the great criticism, Wundt's founded the first journal on psychology, became the author of several books and contributed a plethora of papers pertaining to psychological research.
Prior to the founding of Wundt's school and his theories, psychology existed. It was not seen as a science, however, they were other pioneers in the field who toiled in support of psychology.
Founding of the 'Institute for Experimental Psychology'
Wilhelm Wun...

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...ology the science.
Today in the twenty first century, many of those said theories were revamped and are practiced using cognitive psychology, and with the help of neuroimaging, and the aid of modern technology, example: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
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