Was Marie Antoinette a Cause of the French Revolution or Just a Victim? Essay

Was Marie Antoinette a Cause of the French Revolution or Just a Victim? Essay

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Marie Antoinette was the Archduchess of Austria, and became Dauphine of France after several years. Many French citizens dislike her because of her behaviors. Some citizens blamed on her that she was one of the reason to cause the French Revolution. Some of the people said that she was not a serious problem for forming the French Revolution. There were also some people said that those behaviors were came from Louis XVI or influenced to Marie Antoinette, and actually he was one of the reason that caused the French Revolution. So what is the truth as one of the cause of French Revolution? Was she really a cause of the French Revolution?
Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, and in a rich family. She was one of the fifteen children of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. She was the youngest daughter but second youngest child among those fifteen children. She lacked of education, so her handwriting was not easy to understand. Instead of liberal art lessons, she had more interested in entertainment lessons, so she was educated on dance, music, manners, and appearance. With these entertainment lessons, she learnt them better than liberal art lessons. She also learnt three languages included Italian, French, and German, and history of Austria and France. But at the age of ten, she still had trouble in reading, writing, and speaking.
In 1765, Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, her father, died of a stroke. He left Maria Theresa his position, and gave their eldest son, Emperor Joseph II, the throne. Because of this political, it became a requirement for Marie Antoinette to marry Louis Auguste. Her mother sent her to France and agreed on this marriage. It was hard to adjus...

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...ult to choose her growing environment, and also she was influenced by Louis XVI, as I mentioned above. Marie Antoinette was just viewed as a traitor, because she support Austria instead. She will definitely support her brother, because he was her family. French people couldn't forgave her. After she married, she need time to get use to her new life, but her husband didn't stop her to spend that much money, because he himself did that too, so their behaviors slowly became a cause of French Revolution.


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