`` Was Hiroshima Necessary? `` Institute For Historical Review Essay

`` Was Hiroshima Necessary? `` Institute For Historical Review Essay

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Weber, Mark. "Was Hiroshima Necessary?" INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW. The
Journal of Historical Review, 1 June 1997. Web. 28 Nov. 2014.
Weber’s article on whether the use of nuclear weapons on Japanese soil was necessary proves to contradict the common discourse that this nuclear attack saved lives. Previous to the devastating attack on August 6th, 1945, Japan had suffered from extensive bombings on major cities such as Tokyo. Weber states that Japan was physically defeated with a shortage of supplies along with losses for both air and sea defenses. Japan knew that they must negotiate with the United States and agree to all mandates. Japan only refused to surrender their emperor, a 2600 cultural figure. The United States still decided to destroy Hiroshima. Jonasson demonstrates the power and dominance of nuclear power when Allan asks “How do you know the Japanese are going to surrender?’…[President Truman]’you of all people ought to work that out answered Truman’’ (121) Truman is saying that the man who designed the nuke should know about the power that the nukes hold on the global stage. Furthermore, Allan has been duped from his innocence. (145).
Fascism Reaching Spain and a Civil War in The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Robinson, Emma. "George Orwell, internment and the illusion of liberty." Literature & History
23.2 (2014): 35+. Academic OneFile. Web. 4 Dec. 2014.
Robinson signifies how much of an unstable place the world had become after The Great War due to politics. Different political views, both moderate or extreme, left or right wing began to appear in different political systems. For Example, Germany accepted Fascism as a result of World War I. Spain became an awakened society as the N...

... middle of paper ...

...’s Encyclopedia. “The Manhattan” project was used as the codename to cover the team making the world’s first set of nuclear bombs. As the nuclear bomb became a closer reality in 1945, $2 billion dollars were placed in the Manhattan project. The Nukes that hit Japanese soil were not fully tested to a a month prior to the explosions. It is ironic how an undemocratic program destroyed so much in the name of a democratic state. The immense support given by the government in secrecy is shown in the novel as Vice-president Truman says “Mr. Allan gad done the most patriotic thing anyone could imagine” (107). Jonasson is signaling that the Americans, along with the rest of the world are looking at possession of a nuke in the wrong way. The United States see’s the possession of nukes as a sign of dominance and power rather than being on the verge of global destruction. (150)

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